Lunch menu

Lunch menu

Mon – Fri 11:00 – 15:00

PE Daily salad/ appetizer 4,95

PS Soup of the day 3,85

PP1 Daily special  5,95

PP2 Daily special  7,95

PPT Daily vegetarian dish 5,95

PM Dessert of the day 2,90

*– spiciness 1-3 chili

Mon-Fri Spring rolls with cucumber chili sauce 2,70

Mango lassi 3,80


PE: Salad with salmon and cantaloupe *

PS: Pho ga chicken soup with rice vermicelli

PP1: Pork in pad kaprao sauce **

PP2: Pad thai rice noodles with prawns  *

PPT: Stir-fried eggplant with spinach in green curry-coconut sauce ***

PM: Mango mousse with passion fruit and mango


PE: Som tam salad with prawns ***

PS: Wonton soup

PP1: Chicken in basil sauce *

PP2: Beef in chili sauce *

PPT: Vegetables in red curry-coconut sauce **

PM: Strawberry marzipan tart


PE: Spicy Caesar salad with prawns *

PS: Duck soup

PP1: Chicken in mango sauce served with red rice **

PP2: Duck and eggplant in green curry-coconut sauce ***

PPT: Indian style chickpea casserole *

PM: Berry pavlova


PE: Sweet and sour ribs with spicy salad *

PS: Tom kha chicken soup *

PP1: Pork with cashews *

PP2: Fried salmon in hoisin sauce *

PPT: Vegetables in chili sauce ***

PM: Tiramisu